Hi, I’m Oliver. I firmly believe age is just a number and it’s all about your attitude! I try to enjoy life and have honed my skills for begging for treats with just my eyes, pouncing on unsuspecting fluffy toys and generally letting my curiosity get the best of me and usually land me in some sort of trouble. Live and learn! Well, mostly just live. Learning takes effort and I leave that to my brother from another mother Luke. I take a more relaxed attitude to life.. do what you want when you feel like it, and rest of the time just nap. Preferably curled up at the feet of my human adoptive mom. She says I make a good foot warmer and I think she makes a good pillow so it all works well. I also love massages… I’ve trained her so she knows when I sit next to her with my back towards her that that’s what I want.

I have lots of nick names, including Olli, Ollipolli, Opossum and Black Panther. The last one because I can be very sneaky and stealthy when I know I’m doing something I”m not supposed to. Like trying to sneak off for a visit to the neighbors when I think she’s not looking. They have a nice shady porch I like to chill out on. My other favorite activity is bugging my brother… he loves to fetch things and I like to take them away from him. It’s not really as much of a challenge anymore now that he’s older and slower so it gets boring fast since I can outrun him. I don’t really like to fetch, sure I can do it, but why would I? If you threw the ball away why would you want it back? And if you do, then go fetch it yourself and stop throwing it away. I’ll get it for you a couple of times but if you don’t figure it out for yourself by then and stop throwing it away, you are a lost cause and beyond my help and my time is better spent exploring the yard. I love long walks, and in the summer I like to go swimming to cool off. No need to throw anything but if you have a nice big stick I might be obliged to fetch it a few times. I firmly believe if something is not expressly forbidden (many times) it must be allowed. Like if the trash bin lid is open, it means you want me to help sort it out. Or if the dishwasher door is cracked open, you want me to open it and do a pre-rinse. I know you tell me I’m not supposed to but all these mixed signals are better just ignored.

Update: You were always my favorite Ollie, just don’t tell the others. Rest in peace my sweet boy.