They call me Luke or Lucky Luke or just Lukie. I’m the star athlete in the family. When I was younger I loved to spend hours and hours diving for things from the bottom of the pool. Or just jumping in to fetch whatever someone would throw for me. Long after the humans got tired of throwing stuff I’d take my ball and go drop it in the pool and then wait patiently until it sank to the bottom before diving in to get it. It’s really all I ever wanted to do. Going running or walking is fun too but swimming and diving are the best. But if there’s no pool I’m happy to fetch a ball in the yard for hours. Well I would be but lately I have gotten a bit stiff with arthritis and it makes me slow… and my adoptive mom won’t let me play for too long anyway. And if I’m honest most days I don’t even want to, it just seems too much of an effort nowadays. I miss being young… Now I take a lot of naps and go on slow leisurely walks with mom and Oliver.. although Oliver tends to run ahead and then run back as he has no patience for anything. He is either at 0 or 100 speed, no middle ground.

I really am the well-behaved one in the family, I always obey and I never ever get into any kind of trouble. Some might say that’s boring but I prefer being dignified to being a clown (Oliver). The only thing I really must insist on is getting fed at the exact same time every evening. I’ll let her sleep in in the morning and wait patiently, but in the evening… if dinner is not served in time I will remind her by first staring, then panting and finally with some light whining that will be hard to ignore. Latest by the time I start drooling she’ll be moving quick. If all else fails (and I’m ordered to be quiet which I must obey), I’ll go bump her chair to get my point across. But I rarely have to do any of this, I’ve trained her very well. She did recently try to delay things for an hour.. something called “Daylights savings time” but I have no idea what that is and I know when my dinner is supposed to be ready so no shenanigans. She gave in after a few days so dinner is served at the same time, even if the clocks are wrong and show an hour earlier. I like my routines, and lately as I have started to lose my hearing, it seems they are making life for me a bit easier. I always know what I am supposed to do since I always want things done in the same order. I have also been a quick study with hand signs so now she doesn’t have to even say anything. I don’t like getting old but it’s not all bad, when I was younger I didn’t like to stay still for a massage but now I am starting to get into them. And belly rubs are always good.

Update: Luke joined Frisco, Boomer and all our other beloved furry friends in doggie heaven December 12, 2013… we miss you our golden boy.